• Every Death on Every Road in Great Britian 1999-2010

    The BBC News have released data on there website entitled "Every Death on Every Road in Great Britian 1999-2010" which contains information regarding every road casualty in Britian from 1999-2010.

    An interactive map displays all the road related deaths involving cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and motorists. You can also use this map to view deaths on specific local roads. In Sunderland there were 85 recorded road fatalities between 1999-2010. The information was gathered using official data recorded by police in Great Britian between 1999 and 2010.

    The BBC website determines that a total of 3,226, 584 road casualities occurred between 1999-2010 of which 36, 371 individuals were killed, 373, 985 were seriously injured and 2, 856, 498 slightly injured.

    The website also has data on the economic cost of road fatalities and individual information regarding the dangers associated with each sub-set of road user. However please note that some data is in realtion to motorways and roads were a 20mph limited would not be prohibited.

    To view this data please visit the following address; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-15975564

    Thank you to a 20s Plenty for Us member for bringing this to our attention!


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