• An Article Entitled: Cars Have Evolved to Go Faster – But Humans Haven't!

    I came across an interesting article when browsing the New Scientist website written by Frank McKenna a psychologist at the University of Reading, UK, and director of Perception and Performance, which provides consultancy on road safety to companies and government departments.

    The article looks prodominantly at the effect of increasing speeds on British Motorways and the continuing evolution of the modern car. It also mentions the effects that increasing car performance and speed limits has on modern society and the benefits/implications it has on individuals and society. For Example;

    "There is no doubt that over the past 30 years vehicles have evolved to go faster with consummate ease. Before taking full advantage of this we might consider whether we, the drivers, have evolved much over the same period."

    The article also has an interesting section on the transfer of energy entitiled "Velocity Blindness" which you can read if you have some understanding of the general principles of physics.... of which i am sadly lacking :)

    The most interesting point made for the 20s Plenty Campaign for Sunderland is as follows;

    "Survivability refers to the body's capacity to tolerate the energy transfer in accidents. Evidence shows that on access roads, where crashes involving pedestrians are likely, a 20mph (30kph) limit is appropriate."

    There are also some ineresting comments made from other subscribers that refer to the 20mph zones etc. which you may find interesting. If you have any comments about the article feel free to post below!

    See the article at; http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn21034-cars-have-evolved-to-go-faster--but-humans-havent.html?full=true


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